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All teams and players MUST sign up to OP League website. This is not optional and all teams will be managed, adjusted, and created on OP League.

The Riot ID you play on during  the official matches MUST be the one you signed up with on OP League.

All players must have their Riot ID's and Discord names attached to their OP League account in order to play in the tournament.

Every player must have their account on PUBLIC mode and be available to see their Valorant accounts. This is how we verify ranks and hours, this is NOT optional. 

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How to Create a Team For Valorant Challenger League!

All teams wishing to play must sign up to the OP League Website and meet the minimum of 5 players, with a maximum of 9 players per team. 

The team must be registered as a (MAJOR TEAM) in the OP League website.

All teams must be registered on the OP League website before the end of the registration dates listed, this cannot be adjusted or changed. 

All Teams must have a transparent logo uploaded on OP League or Valorant Challenger League will create one for you. Please DM Mitch JS#4841 on discord to get a custom logo.

All team members must have their Riot account in good standing. This includes not being banned, chat banned, or restricted in any way do to toxicity, breaking game rules, or not complying with Riot's Code of Conduct. 

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