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Our Leadership Team

Hello, My name is Mitch. I am the Founder and Owner of Valorant Challenger League and have built it from the ground up. In early of 2022 I noticed an opportunity for "the average joe". The little guy didn't have a space or place to compete in tournaments as much as someone with a higher elo or rank would. I set out with a goal to build a community that would play against each other in a serious fashion for fun. We started small, with 8 teams total. A year later and we have 2,000 members, have had 113 different teams compete in our many tournaments, and remain the most well known low-elo tournament in North America. I spend most of my free time working on the tournament but if I'm not working, I'm editing videos or playing Valorant. I'm an Ascendant 2 peak player that mains Cypher, Sage, Jett, and Yoru. I love the community that we have built and will continue to spend as much time as possible making the community as big and supportive as it can possibly get. Thank you for joining our amazing community and I hope you enjoy your stay, thank you!


Mitch JS 

Founder & Owner




Hello, my name is Elijah aka Maxim and I am the Co-Owner of the VCL! I am someone who loves to work on projects and collaborate with others. I sometimes stay up a little too late working on stuff but it is all for the sake of our community. I've been gaming for almost 17 years now and I have a large passion for playing all kinds of games! Valorant has become a more recent passion of mine where I love to get absolutely destroyed but make so many memories with my friends. I'm a Killjoy main that has all the brain but none of the aim. I can play all kinds of agents but KJ definitely has a special place in my heart! I joined the VCL back in  August 16, 2022, with a team of mine. At the start of it all, I was just helping a friend of mine run a team but slowly I started to connect more and more with the people in the VCL. Eventually, I met Mitch and we had to face his team for a spot in the semi-finals. We had just beaten his team and he came into our call to congratulate us and yell at us for a certain player that would not stop spinning. This is when my friend suggested that I cast for the VCL and Mitch on the spot said I was casting the next match. From there on I rose the ranks assisting Mitch whenever he needed any help with anything. I will never regret coming to the VCL where I've made so many precious friends!


Server Manager

My name is Dominic, but most know me as PopTart. I have been working with VCL for about 7 months. I originally was managing tournaments for a different server Reaper Events which was one of the biggest low-elo tournament servers in the community, but that server unfortunately died, but we did our best to bring it back and merge with VCL and that's where I met Mitch. Mitch and I became close friends pretty fast and were talking almost every day. In VCL I started as a moderator just keeping an eye on chat, then shortly after I got promoted to admin and then kept climbing. I recently started to produce, and lead a lot of the content that we put out for your enjoyment! I play too much Valorant but only peaked Platinum 2 (I suck). I have 2 set mains in Valorant, Sova and Astra! I like playing all kinds of games when I have the time going from classic games like Minecraft to grinding out story games for hours on end. We are always trying to improve our server and our tournaments and are open to all feedback!

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